What information does Abbot offer?

Abbot measures, for example, driving forward and backward, lifting and lowering the forks, and records any collisions the forklift was involved in, the voltage of the battery, and the condition of the motor. If necessary, driver identification can be included with Abbot, which prevents unauthorised use of the forklift and records who operated it and when.

With the gathered information, one can see precisely how much the forklifts are actually being used, how they are used, and what kind of forklift operating culture prevails in the work environment. The condition of the motor and battery provide information of a potential need for servicing or repairs.

Through analysis and utilisation of the obtained information, the machinery can be optimised to the right quantity of forklifts with the right features, which significantly improves the effciency of intralogistics.
Occupational safety is improved when hazards can be identifed and addressed. It is also important for the life-cycle costs of machinery to know about potential problems well in advance.

The information obtained through Abbot is reliable, it’s based on reality, and intuition does not have to be relied on in decision-making any more. The information regarding even large quantity of equipment is revealed in clear itemised reports. Through analysis of different business units, the overall operations of the company can be developed.

Abbot can be installed on all fuel-operated and electric forklifts, as well as other local transport equipment. It can be ordered as an accessory installed on the forklift or it can be installed later on already existing equipment.