About Abbot

Abbot is a service  that studies the use of local transport equipment. It produces information in real time regarding the degree of utilisation and how the equipment is used. Abbot will allow you to make the right decisions based on pure facts and will ensure that you are gaining full operational efficiency from your company’s logistic functions.

The Abbot unit, which is installed on the forklift, registers all the necessary information pertaining to the use of the equipment and sends it to the server. The information is retrieved from the server for reports customised to meet customer needs. Customers can browse and edit the reports using an Internet browser.

  • The information produced by Abbot regarding how the equipment is used can easily be used to improve occupational safety.
  • Information regarding the actual degree of utilisation is helpful in optimising equipment and generating cost-savings
  • Developing intralogistics becomes easier and it is based on accurate information
  • Predicting the maintenance need of equipment is easier using the information produced by Abbot
  • For example, Abbot records driving, liftings, lowerings, and collisions, and if needed, driver information